Under the American Sun


Greetings from my parents’ house in the leafy suburbs. Their adorable backyard feels like vacation. I have a new apartment in a quaint neighborhood of the Bronx, but my movers aren’t coming until the 18th. Now I just chill and reflect as I get settled back into the USA.

There are so many stories to tell — I’m only in January and might jump around, focusing on whatever I’m in the mood for that particularly day.  My head is spinning, my brain buzzing with so many experiences that I didn’t allow to resonate and soak in before jumping into the next amazing adventure.  Sometimes I worry it’s like dipping a white t-shirt into too many tye dye colors, turning the shirt into a murky brown, over-saturated.  But I think with space and reflection, the stories can shine through. 


Sunrise Swim at my local beach. And even though it was the closest, it was also my favorite place to swim in Genoa.

I took my last swim and scooter ride at sunrise on July 31st, did the final check of my apartment, called a cab and boarded the plane on a gorgeous day for a tearful farewell to one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And I was lucky enough to call it home.  Just because a decision is hard or painful, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  I know it’s time to move on, and I’m already planning to spend most of the summer back in Liguria and Europe, but there is nothing like living there.  When I was interviewing for international jobs, one director said, “It’s like taking a cold shower every day.”

It really was.  I have been shocked by how easy it is to communicate and get things done here back at home.  How boring and normal it all seems, but also how comfortable.  Like a warm shower or bath. Now the challenge is to keep Italian Kristin alive in NYC.  Part of that will be sharing my stories here, and hopefully one day turning them into something more polished.

ciao ciao e a presto!

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