S.E. #4: Bustling Barcelona

Here’s the trip from Jessica’s perspective 🙂


For the rest of this trip, please see parts #1, #2, and #3!

I guess it’s taken me so long to write about Barcelona because a part of me still wishes I was there.  It’s a true city with endless opportunities and offerings.

After traveling around solo for the first part of my trip, here I stayed with a friend near La Rambla.  The atmosphere of the place we were in was nothing less than eventful, especially considering there was a Manga Convention happening while we were there.  At first we thought people were, perhaps, really into Halloween, but as we saw more and more costumes that we didn’t recognize at all, we realized this was a whole other world.  We did not join the lines of people waiting to participate in those festivities, nor did we dress up for Halloween, but we did have fun!


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