Weekend Warrior

I have so many things to write about as I have been traveling every weekend for months.  I’ve been to Sicily, Barcelona and Belgium . . . to the Italian Dolomites and Torino for Christmas markets, home to the USA for Christmas, skiing with a college friend on the Mattern, escorting 6 grade 12 students for a travel writing retreat in the Swiss Alps, free evenings in Milan at luxury hotels, strolling through soggy but beautiful Siena and Florence with a Fordham buddy, and relaxing in a spa in Aachen.  This weekend, I head to visit family friends in Trieste and Vicenza, then my mother comes.  During her three week visit, we will stay on a snowy Swiss Alp, head to our annual Dublin trip, then relax in Genoa while I go back to work.  During that time, I hope to write a bit (there is so much to share!).  And then, maybe  . . .just maybe . . . I’ll take a few relaxing weekends to catch my breath.  Stay tuned!  It’s been amazing and I can’t wait to bring you along with me on my adventures.

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