Oktoberfest Redo

Here is my colleague’s take on Oktoberfest this year. I waited until I was done before reading her great summary. 🙂


I love traveling. The ribbed bars of the escalator belt moving under my feet as I walk through the airport… The smells of mixed cuisines intermingling and tempting my tummy in the train station… The multitude of languages I hear around me on the S-Bahn (a man on the phone speaking American English, girls chatting in Castelian Spanish, a couple having a discussion in German). München. A true international city.

My second go-around at Oktoberfest was not as eventful as the last, but that’s a good thing! (See blog http://jeskarose.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/oktoberfest/ for last year’s story).  This year was seamless in terms of travel connections.  No delayed or missed planes or trains!  Once again, the rain was disappointing but at least I was prepared.  The cold was not as bad, and the wait outside was not as long.

We went in two tents this year, a pre-debauchery tent (King…

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