When in Roma…

Once again I’m sharing a post by my colleague and friend at Italian Escapades. She had better weather and an overall better visit to Rome than I did my last time around. I went to Rome 3 different times and had 3 completely different experiences. I’m sure there is much more for future adventures. Her story and slideshow offers a perspective of some of the things we just couldn’t do because of the weather. Rome, I’ll be back! 🙂


…Do as much as possible! I think it’s impossible to see all of Rome in a weekend, but on my birthday weekend/ Mother’s Day, my mom and I did a pretty good job at trying (although she might not recommend doing so!)!  We covered several areas, saw many piazzas, mastered some public transportation routes, and enjoyed good food and historical monuments.  We even randomly got to see a little boy don fire fighting gear and climb up the fire truck’s ladder into the top floor of a building where someone had left the gas on, or so the story goes.  Even the monotonous moments in Rome are actually rather momentous (even using automated public restrooms in train stations – but I’ll leave that story for my mom to tell!)!

Appropriately, just now as I was remembering the crisp, salty, slightly burnt taste of the fried artichokes in the Jewish ghetto…

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