Sweden’s Disillusionment

Since I know people rarely click links and I wanted to share my colleague’s great post that inspired my rumination, here it is. 🙂


This weekend marked 8 months in Italy and so far I’ve traversed 7 countries.  I just returned from Gothenburg, Sweden.  This month I was trying to make it to Denmark as well (to make a true average of a country a month) but I’ve run out of money!  For a while here, I was feeling guilty about going to all of these various places in Europe and not traveling more in Italy.  Don’t worry – I plan to do this ASAP.  Now that I spent a week in Sicily and have a Rome birthday trip planned, I feel a little less guilty. 

While I find myself sporadically shocked at the amazing beauty of Italy, I also see there’s room for improvement!  Italians tend to have their way, know their way, and do their way. ONLY.  In other, perhaps more “organized” parts of Europe, people actually wait patiently and respectfully in lines, directions are clear, there…

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