Hot Wheels!

Ciao!  I bought a scooter!  Finally.  🙂  I am so grateful for my administrator and his wife who took me out to a few shops this morning to finally get my scooter.  Like many Italian cities, scooters are super practical in Genoa whereas cars are an expensive pain in the bum, leaving you broke and without a place to park.  Meanwhile, a scooter can zip you around the tiny, winding roads and up and down the hills or along the coast, with easy parking options.  Unlike flat Florence or Rome, though, Genoa’s mega hills require some more power and fatter, bigger wheels, so Vespas are a bit unsafe although classically sexy.  It’s ok, this scooter will still work for the European Dream Eddie Izzard describes in his comedy.

Now I can be all like, “CIAOOOO!”


I got a Yamaha 125 cc, which is less problematic with a US license.  She’s an oldie, but I love her.  I knew she was mine when I saw her, and the price was about half of what I was prepared to pay.  I worked after school for two days a week last semester, which gave me enough money for the bike.  But now I can afford both bike and insurance without scraping the bottom of my sickly bank account.  Like I said, I won’t get rich, but I’m living richly.

I have her just in time for the spring and summer weather that is arriving soon.  🙂  Fun, fun, fun!

Cogliere l’attimo.  Carpe Diem.  Sieze the Day.  No Regrets.

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