The Quest for Protein

Just returned from another lovely day at work with great people.  There is a COOP supermarket right by the school.  Originally, I was excited because COOP chains always have an awesome selection of international foods from around Europe and beyond, including premade Mango Lassis and whatnot.  But here in suburban Genoa, it is very, very regional and Italian.  And of course, this means lots of pasta and carbs.  Of course there is also a lot of fresh produce and plenty of affordably-priced seafood, but quick protein options are hard to find.  I spent a good half hour walking up and down the isles on a quest for protein.  There is bread for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and if you go out . . . the affordable option is pasta.  This is gonna sound weird but true.  I don’t really like pasta.  With that said, it’s good here, but I still don’t like pasta and don’t want it twice a day.  Also, I have seriously reduced my carb intake while increasing my protein intake in recent years with a diet that is Moo Paleo (the Paleo diet with dairy), with fantastic results.  I don’t want to go backwards or shock my body with insulin levels.  I’m not giving up; it’s a new challenge.

In the meantime, I haven’t been eating enough, and when fueling up with mostly bread products, I end up hungry all the time, especially after all the hiking up and down hills and lugging groceries long distances.  I’m looking for suggestions for shopping with my new resources.  I think salads have to be bigger for me, increase veggie portions, and cook meat every night.  I like …never cook, and I’m looking for recipes and new suggestions.  I bought some sausages, ground beef, and chicken cutlets.  What shall I make?  Thanks for your feedback!

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